Our Services

We offer a variety of outpatient treatments found in a traditional physical therapy setting. Our trademark is our one-on-one, individualized treatment plans. We specialize in relaxing, spa inspired care packages, personal training, pediatric interventions, and more.

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  • Comprehensive interventions for all areas of the body
  • Unique spa inspired treatments
  • Focus on pain relief
  • Best practices based on current research


Pediatric Care

  • Interventions for infants and children of all ages
  • Optimize your child's development
  • Specialized interventions for children with autism
  • Programs to integrate intellectual and physical development


Women's Perinatal Health

  • Perinatal Wellness
  • Post-pregnancy recovery programs
  • Pregnancy exercise programs
  • Learn to exercise with your baby


  • Baby wearing training and education
  • Learn the benefits of baby-wearing, skin to skin contact and kangaroo care
  • Parental body mechanics for reduced pain with childcare
  • Diastasis Recti Reduction Program
  • Decrease abdominal separation
  • Return to normal activity  levels



Physical Therapy Spa Services

  • Endorphin Rush
  • A soothing spa inspired physical therapy service to maximize pain relief and relaxation
  • Treatments include relaxing hot stone soft tissue mobilization, progressive muscle relaxation, gentle passive stretching, and other soothing soft tissue work
  • Perfect for those needing a break from daily aches and pains or for anyone needing to unwind
  • Refresh
  • An energy-boosting and relaxing physical therapy service
  • Treatments include a fusion of therapeutic exercise, dynamic stretching, and relaxing soft tissue techniques
  • Perfect for those looking to relieve stress and fatigue


Health & Fitness

  • Personal training
  • Weight loss
  • Yog
  • Tai Chi
  • Athletic performance enhancement

Neurological Care

  • LSVT-BIG - The gold standard physical therapy treatment for Parkinson’s
  • Outpatient stroke rehabilitation
  • Lyme associated disorders

Ergonomics/Lifestyle Modification

    • Prevent injuries at home
    • Correct body mechanics for daily tasks
    • Reduce headaches due to poor posture


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