Therapeutic Massage

Cheryl Fishken, Licensed Massage Therapist, provides a variety of massage experiences that are integral to the healing process and provide a deep and lasting relaxation. Working closely with our doctors, and possessing a thorough understanding of anatomy & physiology allows her to provide targeted relief to her clients, by identifying the source of pain or tension, and managing it effectively in a relaxing environment.


Cheryl Fishken, LMT

*Specializes in Deep tissue massage, trigger point, myofascial release, Himalayan salt stone massage, AromaTouch Technique w/ doTERRA essential oils, and Reiki 1 & 2.

*Carol Osborne-trained in pre and perinatal massage

Therapeutic massage is the ideal compliment to physical therapy, and we frequently  recommend it to our patients. Increased comfort and relaxation are all beneficial to the healing and rehabilitation process. Many patients need to manage pain or discomfort, recover from injuries, or  simply unwind from everyday stresses. 

Whether you are suffering from neck and shoulder tension, back pain, sports-related injuries or cramping, computer-related pain, anxiety, stress, or chronic headaches, we look forward to the opportunity to relieve and treat the source of your discomfort within the first session.


Oak Signature Massage

Luxuriate in a massage treatment that includes a blend of deep tissue massage to your comfort level, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, warm Himalayan salt stones, essential oil, warm towel treatment, and moist hot and cold packs.

60 minutes - $80

Membership Rate: $70


Prenatal/Perinatal/Postnatal massage

Experience a safe and relaxing massage using Carol Osborne techniques to address the unique needs of expecting and new mothers. Props and bolsters are used to safely and comfortably position women in a side-lying position, allowing for maximal comfort and restoration.

60 minutes - $90

Membership Rate: $80


Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect for individuals who demand a lot from their body and need a firm approach to aid in releasing chronic muscle tension.

60 minutes - $90

Membership Rate: $80


Aroma Touch Therapy

A relaxing application of essential oils in massage, performed with a variety of high quality doTERRA essential oils.

35 minutes - $50